Our locomotive fleet is composed of 24 state-of-the-art, high-performance machines.

  • We currently have:
  • 2 Siemens E190
  • 4 Siemens Vectron E191
  • 3 Siemens E474
  • 1 G2000 Vossloch diesel
  • Plus 7 Siemens E189s rented from MRCE Dispolok


Rented by leading companies in the business, we currently have 1000+ wagons in the fleet. Each wagon has different characteristics and features and vary in performances.
We give the Client the most suitable wagons based on the study of the Client's needs.
In our fleet are present:

  • Normal and lowered double wagons;
  • Normal and lowered single wagons;
  • Swap bodies

Types of swap bodies:

  • C45 van body;
  • C32 van body;
  • C32 tarpaulin;
  • C22 van;
  • C22 tarpaulin.

We take the utmost care in the maintenance of our fleet, locomotives and rolling stock, in order to guarantee a quality and efficient service, as well as a constant access to the highest standards of safety.